2019 Shows

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1/12 Saturday. Midnight Comedy Performance. Message Mark for details.

1/22 Tuesday.8PM. Celebrity Drop In Tuesday at Flappers Comedy Club Burbank.

1/23 Wednesday.8PM. Comedy Night at Sachi.LA.

1/24 Thursday.8PM. Gigglebash at LA Connection Theatre.

1/26 Saturday.9PM. Performing at Midnight Snack show at The Clubhouse.

1/31 Thursday.8PM. Making Love with David Magidoff at The Clubhouse.

1/31 Thursday.10:30PM. Performing character, Tad at Talky The Bear. LA Connection.


2/1 Friday.8PM. Stand-up at The Aces of Improv comedy show.

2/3 Sunday.10:30PM. Performing character at Toughy The Bear. LA Connection.

2/5 Tuesday.8PM. Stand-up at Seventy 7 North in Studio City.

2/13 Wednesday.8PM. Playing a character in Shayne at Comedy Central Stage.

2/16 Saturday.7:30PM. Stand-up at Flapper’s Comedy Club Burbank-Yoo Hoo Room.

2/23 Saturday. Stand-up at private event.

3/25. Monday. Stand-up at Speakeasy Bar 1326 Pico Blvd.


3/7 Thursday.8:30PM. Playing a character in Variety Show at 11466 Chandler Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601.

3/8 Friday.8PM. Stand-up at Aces of Improv show at The Broadwater.

3/8 Friday.11:30PM. Stand-up at Subtle Unicorn show at Westside Comedy Theater.

3/9 Saturday.9PM. Improv with Solid Dad at The Clubhouse.

3/9 Saturday.10:30PM. Stand-up at The Clubhouse.

3/12 Tuesday.8PM. Stand-up at The Dudes’ Brewing Co. Santa Monica.

3/14 Thursday.10PM. Stand-up at Troublemakers show at Westside Comedy Theater.

3/16.Saturday. Stand-up at The Springbok.

3/18 Monday.9PM. Stand-up at Speakeasy Bar 1226 Pico Blvd.

3/21 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Sachi LA.

3/30 Saturday. Stand-up for Private event.


4/3 Wednesday.8:30. Hosting/stand-up at The Scene bar in North Hollywood.

4/4 Thursday. Stand-up at Mike Perkins Late Show at LA Comedy Connection.

4/10 Wednesday.10PM. Stand-up at Flapper’s Comedy Club Burbank-Main Room.

4/11 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up & Film Screening of Itinerary at Three Weavers Brewery.

4/12 Friday.10PM. Stand-up at Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood.

4/29 Monday.8PM. Stand-up at Three Weavers-Roast of Trent Bruce.


5/5 Sunday.8:30PM. Stand-up at Town Drunk Comedy show at Oeno Vino.

5/8 Wednesday.8:30PM. Stand-up at The OMG Show at Blue Goose Lounge.

5/11 Saturday.8PM. Stand-up at Prime Time Pub hosted by Charlie Lind.

5/23 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Sachi LA.

5/30 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Making Love with David Magidoff. The Clubhouse.


6/1 Saturday.8PM. Stand-up at Prime Time Pub.

6/1 Saturday.11PM. Stand-up at Fourth Wall Hollywood 467 Western Ave.

6/2 Sunday.8PM. Stand-up at Town Drunk Comedy Show Oeno Vino.

6/6 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Genghis Cohen.

6/6 Thursday.10PM. Performing as Tad in Another Late Show. LA Comedy Connection.

6/8 Saturday.5:30PM. Stand-up at Private Event.

6/13 Thursday.TBD. Stand-up at Private Event.

6/21 Friday.8PM. Stand-up at Matty’s Pizza Party. Delicious Pizza Hollywood.

6/23 Saturday.12PM. Stand-up at Private Event.

6/23 Saturday.7PM. Stand-up at Flapper’s Comedy Club Burbank. YooHoo Room.

6/27 Thursday.10PM. Stand-up at The Comedy Store. Crack ‘Em Up Thursdays-Belly Room.

6/19 Saturday.4PM. Stand-up at The Hudson Mainstage Theatre for Dozed and Confused.


7/14 Sunday.9PM. Stand-up at Flappers Comedy Club Burbank-Yoo Hoo Room.

7/23 Tuesday.11PM. Stand-up at Heavy Heavy Low Low show at Bar Lubitsch.

7/25 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Skiptown Playhouse. Barely Making It LA show.

7/27 Saturday. Stand-up at Venice Beach Event.

7/29 Monday.8PM. Stand-up at Three Weavers Brewery in Inglewood.


8/9 Friday.9PM. Stand-up at Town Drunk Comedy Show at Oeno Vino.

8/12 Monday.7:30PM. Stand-up at The Improv in Delman’s Definitely Not Star Search.

8/29 Thursday. 7:30PM. Stand-up at The Bunker at 2200 W Burbank Blvd.


9/2 Monday.8PM. Stand-up at The Secret Comedy Club. Sal’s Comedy Hole on Melrose.

9/5 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Comic Books & Comedy at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica.

9/9 Monday.7PM. Stand-up with Jaron Myers and Jared Kassebaum at Improv Space in Westwood.

9/12 Thursday.10PM. Stand-up at The Comedy Store in Crack ‘Em Up Comedy show.

9/13 Friday.9PM. Stand-up at Town Drunk Comedy Show at Oeno Vino.

9/19 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Laughterhouse 5 show at Book Show. 5503 N. Figuer in Highland Park.

9/20 Friday.7PM. Stand-up at Private House Show. Larchmont Village.


10/3 Thursday.8PM. Stand-up at Bottleneck Comedy at NABU Wines in Westlake Village.

10/5 Saturday.8PM. Stand-up show at the Bunker in Burbank.

10/11 Friday. Stand-up College Event.

10/17 Thursday.10:30PM. Stand-up at Nacho Mama’s Cabaret. Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood.

10/18 Friday. Stand-up at Private Event.

10/19 Saturday. 8PM. Stand-up at Comedy Jook Joint at Muddle & Twist in North Hollywood.

10/24 Thursday. 8PM. Performing a character at Another Late Show with Mike Perkins. The Loft Ensemble North Hollywood.


11/8 Friday. Stand-up at Mint on Card Comedy Show.

11/12 Tuesday.8:30. Stand-up at Comedy in English at 1436 2nd Street in Santa Monica.

11/16 Saturday. 7:30. Stand-up shows in Bakersfield.

11/16 Saturday. 9:30. Stand-up show in Bakersfield.

11/17 Sunday. 9PM. Stand-up at Knockout Comedy Hour. Westside Comedy Theatre Santa Monica.

11/18-11/24. Selected for 2 Shows in the OC Comedy Festival. More info coming soon.

11/23 Saturday. 8PM. Stand-up at Aces of Improv show at Three Clubs in Hollywood.